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About us

In 2012, Krista and I sat down at our kitchen table to bring our passion for art, travel and adventure together with a goal to replace our ‘corporate’ income. 

As adventure junkies fueled by curiosity and living life to the full, we jotted down all the whimsical things that make our state of MN unique and interesting - people, inventions, companies, brands, food and more. 

That night, our first design concept was born.  We spent countless hours modifying and hand crafting the final piece.  The feedback was phenomenal, the conversation starters impeccable, and the motivation to ‘do whimsy’ more in our lives was heightened.

A lot of our inspiration now comes from our precious little Brooklyn.  We see her curiosity and zest for life emerge, and want to instill in her the importance of finding and pursuing her passions.

The launch of dowhimsy is in part to be an example for her of dreaming big, facing the ups and downs, and enjoying the journey.  We sure appreciate your support - when you buy our art, share with a friend, or give us some love on social media - you help our small business thrive!

We strive to provide timeless art that inspires by way of premium goodness, fresh wholesome design and community minded craftsmanship.

From our family to yours,
Krista, Brooklyn & Matt